Friday, November 10, 2017

Friendship themed Relief Society Dinner.

I spent a lot of time planning for our big Relief Society dinner/Visiting Teaching Conference. After tossing around a lot of ideas, I finally settled on the theme of friendship. I saw this Mary Engelbreit illustration and quote that I loved, and it became the basis for the whole night. I had so much help from Jaime, my sis. She designed these awesome invitations and helped me so much as I planned the décor.
Another sweet friend, Katie, helped me with the food.. we decided to have it catered by Kneaders. We had to go eat there to really look at everything and decide.. ;) We even tried some desserts just to be sure.. it was fun, fun!! I bought this adorable polka dot teapot there that I just knew I wanted to use.
Another dear friend, Sarah, who is crazy talented by the way, went with me to Hobby Lobby and The Dollar Store with me for frames, vases, and other décor.. we found these adorable artificial fruits that ended up being perfect for the theme. I'd printed out a lot of Mary Engelbreit illustrations that were friendship themed, and bought fabric for the tables. I was amazed how it all fell into place.. the pictures that printed well ended up looking perfect with the fabrics I chose.. and it all just came together so well.

The morning of the activity, I had more friends, Angie, Shannyn, Taylor, Sarah, Shelley, and Camie all come to help me. It was so thoughtful of them, and there's no way I could've gotten it done without their help! Camie was so nice to go pick up salads for me at Costco that day which was a huge help, as I ended up setting up at the church until close to 1pm. But how beautiful do these tables look?
I was so glad that Jaime suggested I get confetti. It added the perfect touch. 
I bought gerbera daisies and sunflowers from Trader Joe's and they looked so happy and colorful. 
I found adorable cherry lollipops on Amazon that went with the cherry napkins and cherry straws. Taylor tied the lollipops onto the favors, which were laminated lists of how to befriend those you visit teach. Shan helped me by laminating them all and cutting them all out for me. 
Luckily, Sarah brought her cake stands.. I have a few, but she has some really cute ones that looked so great. And how cute are those tall milk bottles I used as vases? I found them last minute at Hobby Lobby and knew they'd be perfect for the tall flowers.
Shelley did an amazing job with the center piece decoration.. she made those huge flowers by hand! Aren't they awesome? She also made the cute cherry balloon garland.
The Kneaders food was gorgeous and delicious.
The striped black and white runners were actually wrapping paper and the black and white banners on the tables are from Target.
The key lime tarts were my favorite.. so yummy!! 
Also, I loved the cranberry orange bread. It was so tasty!
This was the table as the ladies entered the dinner.. don't mind the packing tape.. in my  haste I totally forgot it was there.. and I'm sure everyone was wondering why it was when they came in.. oh well!
Another table as the ladies entered.. and adorable cherry balloons Shelley made.
We didn't have as big a turnout as we hoped. But I think everyone enjoyed the dinner and program that night. I'm so thankful for such wonderful friends who are such a support to me. The program consisted of some ladies sharing their thoughts about visiting teaching and how it's blessed their lives. And then Ruth, our Relief Society president, shared her vision for visiting teaching in our ward and shared a beautiful video of about the Savior. It was all so lovely.

I'm wearing black and white stripes in the front row, second from the left.. yes, I had to match the décor. I have issues, I know. 

Monday, July 3, 2017

My daughter's Beauty and the Beast birthday party.

I was so thrilled when my daughter, Avery, said she wanted to have a Beauty and the Beast themed birthday party. I loved the new movie and thought the theme would be so pretty and fun to execute.

As always, my twin sis did an incredible job designing the printables for the party. This invite inspired the whole party design. Isn't it gorgeous?
I loved how this enchanted rose turned out. I found the rose and domed glass at Hobby Lobby. The stand is an old one I got at Target.
I used a tutorial online for making Belle themed slime and loved the idea for party favors. Isn't it so pretty? The rose beads added such a great touch. (I found the beads on Amazon.)
I found these adorable Belle bracelets on Etsy for party favors. Avery loved them, and I did too! 
This is what the favors looked like all wrapped up and with the thank you tag. 
Amazon Prime became my best friend while prepping for this party. I got these paintable teacup planters for the kids to paint on Amazon.
After painting, we played some party games. We played pass the parcel first. I played a song from the movie while they played it.
Then we played pin the rose on Belle.
Avery insisted on using these multicolored roses instead of red.. which was hard for my color coordinating brain at first... but it was in fact her party, not mine, so I let her use them. haha! (They were trying to pin them in Belle's hand.) The Belle poster was found at Walmart.
After the games, it was time to eat! The kids dug right in. My sisters helped me so much with this party.. there's no way I could've gotten it all done without their help. We made this delicious tortellini pasta salad, and tea sandwiches - egg salad, cucumber, ham, turkey, and pb&j. We also served cheese, cherries, strawberries, and veggies with ranch. 
I loved these pretty rose toothpicks I found at Michael's. 
I scoured my dad's office for yellow, white, pink or blue books to prop things up on the tables with. With Belle being a lover of reading, the books were a perfect touch.
These watercolor paintings of Belle were found online. My sis tweaked the colors on some of them for me so they'd go nicely with the décor.
How pretty are these food label tags my sis designed?! I love them.
More of the watercolors.. loved them.
Jaime, my sis, had the idea to hang the garland from Avery's room above the food table. I love how it looked.
I also love the white teapot, white teacup the forks are in, the pink tiered tray, pink fruit basket, and pink pitcher I found.. some on Amazon, and some at random stores.  
I made a layered cake again (see my Rapunzel party for my first layered cake I ever made). I was so busy getting everything ready before guests arrived, that I relied on my sisters to decorate it. They made it look so beautiful!! I chose to use the Belle doll from the Disney Animation collection (the same type of Rapunzel doll I used last year). Isn't she charming and adorable? I really think the cake was perfectly perfect. I loved how delicate and girly it was.
Look at the cute accessories that came with the Belle doll - the bread basket with loaves of bread in it, and the book in her lap. So cute right?
These wavy cake stands are from Pier 1. Jaime has had some for years, and I finally had to buy my own, because I love hers so much.
The yellow and pink taffies we found at Trader Joe's. 
One of my fave things about the party was the straws.. funny, I know. But it's true! The deep blue and rose design on them was gorgeous! I found them on etsy.
Here's the birthday girl while we sang Happy Birthday to her. 
It's hard to believe she is 6!
Here's the pretty pink and yellow layers of her cake. 
We had time for Avery to open presents after we ate. 
It was such a great day celebrating our Avery girl who we love dearly. It always makes my heart so happy to see a birthday party come together so beautifully and to see the smiles on all the kids faces. It's totally worth all the effort. Happy birthday Avery!!