Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kid's bedroom series: Avery.

I still remember the day in January 2011 when I found out I was having a baby girl. My husband looked at the ultrasound screen in disbelief. We already had two boys, and he was sure he was getting a 3rd. (To make himself his own foursome for golf games was his dream.) But somehow I knew she was coming. And I was elated! I could see all the girly goodness in my future. And I couldn't wait to meet her, dress her and decorate her nursery! I immediately started shopping for girl clothes and shoes. I searched the internet for days on end in search of the perfect fabric to make her crib bedding with. I chose this set of fabrics from the Parisville collection by Tula Pink. 
This was my first time making crib bedding, so I was just happy that it fit the crib! I loved how pretty and feminine the fabrics looked.

My mom had given this angel bear to a friend of hers. That friend, then, when finding out I was having a girl, gave it to me. She thought my baby girl would like a gift from her grandma, who's in heaven. Every time I see this picture, I cry.
A rocker we bought off I was actually quite pleased with it. Purple pillow was from Target, and the gray drawer side table was from Ikea.
This changing table was bought off craigslist along with the crib. We love it. The purple bin and lamp were both from Target.
We loved her sweet purple nursery, and boy did she look adorable sleeping in her pretty crib.
Now... jump forward 2 years, and see how I've begun to redecorate Avery's room. She turns 3 this June, and well, now that I know her personality much better, I feel like I can decorate her room perfectly to fit her. For one thing, she loves pink! So we had to get rid of the purple and bring in the pink! It's a work in progress, but here it is so far.
gray rug: Ikea
white dresser, turquoise bins: Ikea
 yellow owl nightlight: Target
 pink end table: Target
 lamp, vase, pink florals: Target (I'm laughing that everything is from Target!)
 I made this fabric flower garland for a baby shower I threw. (Will post that soon.) It is what I based the rest of Avery's room design on. I just used scraps of fabric I had on hand and cut out 6 small circles, laid them on top of each other and then sewed the center with a needle and thread, bending the fabric a bit as I went to give them some movement.
 pink chevron crib sheet: Target (shocker!)
I have this Valentine hanging on Avery's window for now... plan to use it in a wall mural in the future. It's a Valentine my oldest son, Cohen, made for Avery last year. He drew a picture of him holding Avery. I melted when he showed it to me. Avery's very lucky to have such loving older brothers.
I have a lot to do still in Avery's room. I have pictures to hang, walls to paint, and such. Will post again when it's all done.  

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