Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ren's Hulk Smash party!

When my son, Ren, turned 4, he was certain he had to have a Hulk themed birthday party. He is crazy about the Hulk. It turned out to be such a fun party to plan. I had a lot of help from my sister, Jaime, who designed his invite and all the printables for the party. It all started with this photo I took of Ren making his best Hulk face.
Jaime turned it into this awesome birthday invite.
The sign on the front door.
We had minimal decorations up. My nieces helped with the balloons on the banister while I frantically put last minute food items on the table.
I think my favorite thing out of the whole party: an "Eat. Smash. Repeat." sign my sister designed for the food table.
I loved how the green/purple/black theme came together.
 The punch was lime sherbet, lime slices, and Sprite. It was pretty tasty. 
We played a version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey - Paint the Green on Hulk with green finger paint.
 The birthday boy being spun by his dad.
My oldest son, Cohen. He loves birthday parties!
 I bought cheap black fabric from Walmart and felt to make superhero capes for all the kids. It took a while, but the kids loved them. Well worth the time.
 A Mighty Muscles station. I took all the kids' pictures lifting up this super heavy (not really - it was Styrofoam balls) dumbbell.
 Another station where the kids used their super vision to find gold coins in the sand.
 Leaping over tall buildings...
 Kryptonite throw - ping pong balls into hula hoops.
 Lava walk... red plastic table cloths under beams of wood we bought at Home Depot.
 Ren loathes cake... he's not even a fan of rice krispy treats, but we had to do something. So, green rice krispies it was.
 Nothin' better than getting Hulk presents at your Hulk par-tay!
 The party favors - 1 inch black and green gumballs (had to buy them online), in plastic tubes (bought them off etsy).
You can tell Avery had a rough day... she didn't nap, had mismatched clothes on, and interesting hair goin' on. Poor kiddo. It's rough when Mommy's throwing big brother a party.
 Avery was happy to be the clean up crew the next morning. She felt much better after a good night's sleep.
Happy birthday, Ren! We love you!!

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