Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sewing: Navy and orange baby set

My friend is having a baby boy. She told me some of the colors she was planning to use for his nursery were navy, orange, gray and turquoise. I had previously bought this adorable gray and orange fox ribbon from Hobby Lobby and thought it'd be a great ribbon to build a blanket off of. I added in a few stripes and chevrons and was ready to sew! 
Here's the finished product. I love minky. And navy minky in particular is so gorgeous.
Here's the burp cloth set I made to match. It's not exactly the same theme but is at least in the same color wheel. The nautical map fabric is one of my current faves.
I made a simple card to match with Martha Stewart stickers and tied 'em up with ribbon.
Hope my friend likes them!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Kid's bedroom series: Cohen's Captain America themed wall gallery.

Cohen's gallery wall is up! It's taken me a while to gather everything and get it up the way I envisioned.
 I love these photos from Cohen's baptism day so much; I had to include them.
 And here's his brother print my sis designed. Love it so much.
 The Captain America piggy bank is from the same American Nostalgia store I mentioned in my previous post. That store was so fun! I had a hard time limiting my purchases when I was there. The photo here of the boys at Mission Beach looking for sand crabs is one of my all time favorites of them.
 This geometric canvas I found just recently at Target. I also bought a green version for Ren's room, of course.
I will post more pics of Cohen's rooms soon. It is almost complete! Wahoo!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kid's bedroom series: Ren's Hulk themed wall gallery.

Ren's Hulk room is a work in progress. It is just about where I want it to be, thanks to this gallery finally being up. Ren and I chose the photos together for his wall. I wanted some of him with his brother and sister, and he wanted one with Cate, his cousin. My sister Jaime designed the prints. I love them. The Hulk piggy bank is from a store in Seaport Village (San Diego) called American Nostalgia. I think you can buy it online, too.
 The sand timer I found randomly at TJ Maxx. I love it in this gallery. (When I first brought it home I teased Ren that it would be his time out timer.)
 One of my favorite photos of Ren. Completely captures his sweetness.
 I love this print. The font is awesome.
I will post the rest of Ren's room soon. I just have a few more items to hang for it to be complete.