Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring Wreath.

When a friend of mine commented that she'd like to have a wreath like the one I made, I immediately told her that I'd love to make her one! (She's a wonderful friend, and I would do anything for her!) So, to Hobby Lobby I went! I purchased all the supplies in a few different trips - waited for the florals to go on sale before I got those. (They can be expensive!) Aren't they so pretty?
 I wasn't sure at first that I like the green fuzzy lookin' ones, but then they grew on me. And I only ended up using one of those, so it all worked out. I just go with different textures, colors, and let it flow.
 I also wasn't sure at first if I wanted two or three birds on it, but because it's a bigger wreath, I figured why not. The pink bird must be a mommy, as she's hangin' out back by her eggs in the nest.
Isn't the fabric on the birds so cool? Love it! Wish I had a pillow made with it.
Hope my friend loves it as much as I do. I'm half tempted to give her my original wreath and keep this one. ;)

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