Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hawaii getaway with my love.

It's been a really long time since Jason and I had some alone time, and we haven't been back to Hawaii together without kids since our honeymoon. (Obviously we wouldn't have had kids on our honeymoon. Ha.) Anyway, it was seriously so nice to be just with him and to be in such a gorgeous place. Even the airplane ride felt like a vacation without having to worry about kids. We watched a few movies together on the plane, ate our free meal, enjoyed caramel popcorn with macadamia nuts, and yummy chocolate covered macadamia nuts, too! We lived it up! Here are some pics I took from the plane when we were almost there.
 We stayed at the Waikiki Beach Marriott hotel. It was beautiful. These flowers lined the lobby.
The view from our room. Pretty spectacular!
We drove to the North Shore after changing at the hotel.
We parked at the restaurant and then walked to the Surf 'n' Sea shop.
Jase got a few tee shirts there, and then we met Jaime for dinner at Opal Thai. It was delicious. I should've taken more pics. I was too busy enjoying it. Opal is such a friendly restaurant owner. He asks you what flavors you like and don't like and then makes a meal for you that is sure to please. His place was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives on The Food Network.
The next day, we spent most of our day at the beach and shopping around Waikiki. It was so nice out - perfectly warm and breezy.
Here are a few pics of a mall we walked around.
I loved this store window.
And how cool is this wall?
 I haven't been in an Urban Outfitters store for a long time. I love that place. The d├ęcor is always so cool and funky.
We bought A a new tee shirt and a dress. I love them.
Later that day we deciding to go on a Catamaran sailboat ride. It was an hour and a half ride. I didn't anticipate it being really windy on the water, but boy was it! The waves were probably 10+ feet high! Jason loved it, but I was so sea sick. At one point I had to go throw up in the bathroom on the boat. Ugh. The last half hour on the boat was particularly hard and I just sat with my knees pulled up to my chest, closing my eyes and trying not to think about where I was. Jason held me close to him, and that helped. I was so glad to get off that boat!
The next morning we got ready to drive up to Laie.
This tree is incredible. I had to take a few pics of it.
The drive to Laie was beautiful! I took pics out the car window.
We first stopped to see the LDS Laie temple. I've never been to it. It was breathtaking. The grounds are immaculate and huge.
It was so neat to see the Book of Mormon in so many languages.
After seeing the temple, we went to see Laie Point. It was so incredible!! I've never seen such a place before.  You drive into this neighborhood and go up the hill and park and then you walk up a bit and realize you are somewhere magnificent! The views are the most amazing I've ever seen. The pictures just don't do it justice!
We went to Seven Brothers for lunch. I loved it. I loved the feel of it and the food was really yummy. Their fries and fry sauce were the best I've ever had. It's owned by a member of the church, and the kids who work there are usually students at BYU Hawaii. We walked in right as they were getting ready to open, and saw the employees having a prayer together before they started their shift. It was really sweet.
That afternoon Jaime came down to the beach with her girls. It was so fun seeing them.

That night Jase and I walked all over Waikiki. We ended up having dinner at Benihana, which was so delicious. We had eaten at that same Benihana on our honeymoon 13 years earlier, so it brought back a lot of memories.

The next morning we worked out, and
I had to take a pic of the last breakfast I ate there... the creamy potatoes were so yummy! Jason loved getting an omelette each morning, too. It's quite the treat having someone else make your meals and then clean up after you when you're done!
We went down to the beach as early as we could and enjoyed our last few hours there before we had to leave for the airport.
 We found this spot on the beach where there were tons of fish swimming around. We stood in the water and looked at them for a while.
We talked about the next time we go to Hawaii, how we would love to bring our kids to enjoy the beach with us... and then we said we'd also love to come again by ourselves.. either way, Hawaii would be lovely. We love it there and will always.