Thursday, February 4, 2016

Valentines 2016.

Cohen is currently obsessed with Star Wars... so these were perfect for him. He taped an Airhead candy to the back of each one.
Printable was found on Pinterest. Here's the link:
 Ren just said he wanted to do gummy worms... so we found this adorable jar printable online. It says "Valentine, You make my heart warm and fuzzy." Adorable. Printable is found here:
 Avery loves all things princess-y and well, ring pops were perfect for her. We found this adorable printable online for her and her cute preschool friends. Printable here. (It looks like you have to click on her link on her web page and it directs you to her facebook page where you can print it out.)
Here's to a sweet, fun, happy Valentine's Day!!

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