Saturday, August 6, 2016

Avery's room.

We moved back to Arizona last summer. I was really excited to be back to my home state, but I think I was most looking forward to getting settled in our new home and decorating! Avery's room is a nice size - somewhat rectangular with nice windows and plenty of space to play and sleep and be. She was scrunched into a tiny room in our rental home in Washington, so this was a wonderful welcome change! 

Her room's decor was inspired by this fabric flower garland I hand made for a friend's baby shower a few years back. I loved it so much that I kept it for Avery. Her room's colors are mostly pink, yellow, and turquoise, but there are also hints of orange here and there. I tried to let the garland be a soft, feminine touch since her bedding is very bold and geometric. (I also love that I don't have something heavy hanging above her bed, as it scares me that something could fall off the walls and hurt her.)  
Her silver bed frame is from Ikea. I got it off Craigslist. Her bedding is from Target. 
You'll quickly see that I love Target, as there are a ton of things in her room from there. Both her pink and white side table and her white wire hamper are from Target.
 I bought mismatched sheets from Target to go with the yellow comforter and sham. I found a sweet little turquoise pattern that I loved. Mixing the bold geometric with the dainty.
 The tie quilt under her comforter was made by my mom for me when I was little. She even hand stitched my name on it (this was before I started spelling my name "Jacque", so it's stitched as "Jackie".) I love that my Avery girl sleeps with a blanket her Grandma Janet made. Since my mom died before Avery was born, it makes it extra special. 
 This deer with sunglasses on canvas is from Hobby Lobby. 
(I've tried so many times to help Avery limit the amount of stuffed animals and such on her bed, but she refuses. She would love to add more, in fact. We narrowed these down to only her favorites.)
 And who can say no to this face? I have trouble doing, I admit it. 
 This hanging rack is from Hobby Lobby. 
(Kitty cat purse, also from Target. Lol! Her cute pink/orange beanie hat is one of my favorite things on her. It's from Baby Gap.)
The wall adjacent to her door is where I have her reading corner set up. I love this Ikea chair we found in a light wood color with a gray cushion. The pillow and the "You are my Sunshine" sign are from Target. The Ikea bookshelf and turquoise bins are great for a visual punch (not to mention amazing storage). We put all her toys and dress up clothes in the bins, and all her books and puzzles fit nicely on the shelves. 
 My friend gave me the great hot pink basket. I'm not sure where she got it. I have another one that is bigger in Avery's closet. I keep all the reject stuffed animals in it. (Not really reject, but not bed worthy. I kinda feel sad for those guys. Seeing all the "Toy Story" movies has made me sensitive to toys' feelings, I think. ;))  
Such a cozy spot. 
The lamp and garbage can are also Target finds. (I told you I'm obsessed with the place.)
The white dresser is also Ikea. 
Here are my 3 kids playing "Hide the Pen" in Avery's room. One would hide, while the others were out of the room, then they come in and try to find it. A simple game, but they had a lot of fun playing it. 
The arrangement of items above Avery's dresser is one of my favorite things about her room. My friend, who's an interior designer helped me with it. I would've never thought to off center the mirror. But I love it this way!! The gray hexagon shelves are from Hobby Lobby. The yellow/gray triangle canvas and white mirror are both from Target. 
 The lamp shade has that cute chevron pattern that matches the wire hamper. And these silver sand dollar and starfish are from Pier 1 Imports. I bought them years ago when I was decorating Jason's and my first home (before we even thought of having kids!). 
 This cute pink haired doll was a gift to Avery from one of my best friends. I love it, and I love her here. The LOVE sign is from Hobby Lobby. They have a little collection of funky paper art.
These silk flowers are from Hobby Lobby as well. I love that they are dainty yet bold. Just like my Avery girl's personality.
I added this framed pic of Avery to her dresser. It's from when she was just a few months old. Seeing how tiny her hand is next to mine is crazy to me. She was so, so small!
And here's the other framed picture on her dresser. Another favorite of her when she was so little sitting with Ren and Daddy. 
And now look at her! Such a big girl, about to start kindergarten next year! This is one of my very favorite pictures of all time, I think. We were in the process of cleaning her room for her cousin to come sleep over, and she got distracted and started reading books on her bed. I kinda loved it. 
Next to her dresser is her play kitchen. She got it for Christmas a few years back. I love that it's white and retro looking.
 Her little yellow night light owl is from Target. 
The diamond and A, J, W on Avery's wall by her closet are actually Christmas ornaments from (let's say it together), Target! This past Christmas I was wanting some new ornaments, and there they were, just begging for me to buy them. But not for the tree, for my Avery's room! 
I think they work perfectly. And yes, her middle name is Janet, after my mom. 
And now, we've come full circle. I love this room.
And I love the little girl who inhabits it!

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