Monday, May 2, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Gifts. By color.

With teacher appreciation happening this week, I knew I wanted to do something nice for my 3 kids' teachers. I fell back on my usual gift ideas, and did a combination of chocolate, gum, and goodies from Bath & Body Works. All women like those things, yes? And, yes, I'm kind of a color coordinating freak. I love things to match, so I first chose 3 chocolates at Target and then went to their dollar section and found a few things that matched the chocolates. 

How cute are these pink and white thumb tacks?
The little sticky notes are a very light shade of blue that I thought worked with the turquoise.
And I loved the purple pencils and purple paper clips, too. 
I made sure to get 5 small things for each teacher. Bath and Body Works always has cute little sanitizers, sprays, and lotions. 
The white scalloped edge tins I found at Target in their party section with all the wedding stuff. 
Luckily I had filler leftover from Easter, and I always have tissue paper on hand, too. 
The tags I found online by just doing a search for printable thank you tags. 
I had each of my kids write a thank you card to their teacher, and we tucked them in the back, and then they were ready to go! 
I hope their teachers loved them. I am so thankful for hardworking, kind, and patient teachers who help my kids everyday! 

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