Thursday, August 25, 2016

Gallery walls in our living room.

My family moved back to AZ a year ago. One thing I love about moving (and probably the only thing I love) is getting to decorate a new space. In our living room we have a long blank wall, and above our couch, we have another blank wall. I wanted to do a floor to ceiling gallery wall on one and a simple gallery above the couch. I went to Hobby Lobby and found a few great items.
 How great is this?? I fell in love with it.
 Letters for each of our kids' first names and a "W" for our last name. (Sidenote: Our kids names are Cohen, Ren, and Avery. I always thought I'd have another girl and wanted to name her Paige. But then my husband pointed out that we'd have C,R,A,P then!) Haha.
I got a new rug, lamps, and a few new pillows for our front room from Target.
I loved this lamp's base and color. And how perfect is this wooden stilt bird?? I have always loved birds ever since I took a bird watching class in college, and well, this guy had to come home with me. And the framed art is a drawing of the Mesa, Arizona temple, where my husband and I were married. I loved its simplicity, and it just felt right there.
And here's the gallery I came up with for above our couch.
The pillows on the right are some of my all time faves I bought from West Elm last year. I mean, a seagull wearing red high tops and sunglasses is just my jam. I based the whole design and feel of the room on this one pillow. It's like an understated beachy-cool vibe.
The rug color is similar to the high tops. And the yellow accents are like his legs.
(Please excuse the grass on my rug.. my boys had just pummeled through there like boys do. And, yes, I need to vacuum now.)
 I took the pics of the seagull and palm trees myself and framed them with frames I got at Walmart. The @ sign is one I bought at Target in their craft section. I spray painted it white and hung it up with those great velcro command strips.
 Isn't it soothing? I love lying on that couch and just staring up at it. (Until my kids realize where I am, and they dog pile me or scream for a gogurt. It really is peaceful while it lasts though.)
 On the wall above the lamp, I had my twin sis, Jaime, design a print for me that I framed.
It has one of my favorite scripture quotes on it. Every time I read it, I smile.
On the opposite side of the window, I have hung our square seashell mirror that I bought at Crate and Barrel years ago. I got it when Jason and I were first married.

And on the long entry wall, here's what I've come up with so far. It's a work in progress. I really would like to add to it 'til it's floor to ceiling, but I am at a stand still for now.
 The frames and accessories are from all different places: Target, Walmart, Ikea, Hobby Lobby.. and some of the pictures were professionally taken, while others I took myself. I love this particular spot I have my parents' wedding photo in. They looked so classy and happy. I love it.
 Don't mind our Elf on the Shelf. He just hung out in our "W" for the day.
A dear friend of mine made that awesome "Wallace" wood board. It's my newest addition to the wall, and I adore it.
Now that our kids will be going back to school soon, I'm starting to daydream about finishing my wall gallery... and maybe even doing something with my wall above my dining room table. We'll see..

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