Thursday, July 28, 2016

How we do chores.

I was searching the internet a few months ago for some ideas on creating a chore schedule for myself and my kids that would help us to keep our home clean. I tend to get into the habit of letting things get really dirty and then doing a major scrub down for a few days that leaves me exhausted and cranky. I thought there had to be a better, more manageable way.

And then I found an idea to make a 7 day chore schedule that went along with the days of the Creation in the Holy Bible. I thought this was a great idea and so creative, which I always appreciate. So, I sat down with my hubby and kids and we brainstormed ideas of how this could be done. We broke down each day and what we could do.
And then I found pictures online that went along with our chores and typed up these pages. After laminating them, they were ready to go!

I keep them in a file folder my kids can easily reach on the kitchen counter, and each morning one of them will put up the chore page for the day.
So, Monday is our laundry day (at least for the kids' laundry)
Tuesday is bathroom day
On some days, there are boxes the kids can cross off when they complete their chore. I tried to be reasonable and split up the chores in 3's for each of my kids, while also keeping the more difficult chores for me to do. (For example, I vacuum the stairs, and I do the mopping. But the kids can help me if they want extra credit - extra money.) We decide as a family what the kids' will earn each week for completing their chores.
 Wednesday is picking up carpeted areas and vacuuming day
 Thursday is dusting and cleaning windows day (and also washing bedding day - which sometimes we only do once every 2 weeks)
Friday is picking up tiled areas and mopping day
Saturday is cleaning bedrooms and vacuuming bedrooms day
On Sunday, since it's the 7th day, and a day of rest, we spend the day together as a family. I like to teach my kids a recipe and have them help me make dinner and or dessert. A good friend of mine from college did this growing up, and as she and her siblings got older, they would plan the Sunday menus and would do all the cooking for their parents. I thought that was brilliant. Not only do the kids learn to cook and bake, but they are becoming self reliant! (Not to mention the added bonus of the parents getting a break!)
I would love to get to this point in my home. So far, my kids know how to make really simple things. But we are working on increasing their cooking skills.

I have to say there is nothing better to me than seeing my kids work together toward a goal. I think it teaches them so much having them take responsibility in the home.
I also started using these great printable chore charts last summer for my kids. I love them, because you can type in your child's name and what chores you want them to do, and then print them out. They are cute and work great. During the school year, they are pretty short with their main chores being taking the trash out, brushing their teeth, reading, and doing their homework. During the summer, they have a lot more added on their lists.
I must say here that we are far from perfect at being consistent with our family and personal chores each day/week. Some weeks we are so busy with sports and school, that we barely get much done. But having these charts really have helped us to at least have a goal and have a purpose. And that's a lot more than where we were a few years ago, so I call that success!


  1. Love this idea, sounds like a great way to stay organized and have a clean home! Love your new blog! You are always filled with creative ideas whether its cooking, decorating or creating... love it!

    1. Thank you, Lynsi!! Love and miss you!!