Saturday, August 13, 2016

Avery's 5 birthday party - Rapunzel style.

It took Avery girl awhile to decide what kind of birthday party she wanted to do this year. We do parties every other year with friends (and parties with family only the other years). She was so excited to celebrate with friends this year. She went from a dance party theme, to a Build-a-Bear party theme, to a Peter Piper party, etc. She finally decided she wanted to do a party at the same gymnastics place that her brother had his party at. I was excited about this idea, because Ren's party was really great there, and I knew what to expect doing another party there.

My sis, Jaime, designed the invites, which I simply texted to all the kiddos. I love that it is pretty and pastel and I love the fonts she used. The invite inspired me as I went ahead and designed the rest of the party.
The first thing I did was get the items we'd need for party favors. Thankfully, Target had everything we needed and in all the right colors. We ended up getting little tiaras, pink chocolate kisses, yellow gumballs, and adorable purple and pink ice cream cone lip glosses for the girls.
For the boys, Ren helped me choose green gumballs, blue chocolate kisses, little cars, and yo-yo's.
I simply put all the items in cellophane bags and tied them up with cute matching twine. Jaime designed the favor tags. I loved using the "Best. Day. Ever." quote from Tangled.
How adorable is Pascal?!
I bought this cute little basket in the dollar section at Target. If you have yet to make friends with Target's dollar section, I highly recommend it. I find all sorts of great items there all the time -- wrapping paper, twine, cute little buckets, magnetic shopping list paper, small activity books for the kids to do during church or on long car rides. It really has great finds. I found many cute items there for my recent teacher appreciation gifts I put together, too!
I also found these adorable tall skinny candles for the cake at Target. I thought I'd use the pink and purple ones and save the blue and yellow ones for another party down the road.
After Target, we stopped at Michael's, another store I love. They have a great section there with party items by color.. you all know how much I love to coordinate things by color... And there, I found these awesome honeycomb toothpicks in pastel purple. Love!! I thought they'd be fun for the kids to use to eat their fruit with.
Avery and Ren.. I turned around for a minute at Michael's and they came up to me giggling wearing these. Haha! They crack me up.
This wrapping paper I found in that same section. I loved it and thought it'd be great as a table runner.
I found pretty sparkled yellow utensils and yellow plates and napkins at Target, too.
Here are most of the items I planned to use on the food table. The purple lanterns and scalloped edge cake tray are from Hobby Lobby. The purple goblet is from Walmart. It's from the Pioneer Woman's (Ree Drummond's) line.
I decided to make a layered cake for the party. It was my first time making a layered cake. I was really nervous about it, and I had to call/text my sister like 50 times for moral support. Lol! She makes layered cakes a lot, and these are her cake pans. She gave me a lot of tips and helpful suggestions.

My kids are allergic to eggs and nuts, so I made an egg free vanilla cake and then added food coloring to the batter to make a yellow, light pink, dark pink, light purple, and dark purple layer. I used a Chef Chloe recipe. She also has a delicious egg free chocolate cake that my kids love.
This is what the cake looked like after I layered them up with frosting in between each layer.
Then it was on to the really fun part, the frosting of the cake and the decorating! I fell in love with this Rapunzel doll set at the Disney Store at Disneyland months ago when we were there. When Avery decided to do this party, I knew I wanted to get that doll for the cake! I went to the closest Disney Store in town and found the set. Isn't it so, so precious?! At first I wanted to stand her up, but she kept falling over.
So, then I sat her down, and I liked how that looked.
I added Pascal from the set to the cake, and it was looking great! Avery was so excited when she saw it!
I bought these flowers from Fry's for the table and the cake.
Jaime gave me the idea of putting the little yellow flowers in Rapunzel's hair. I absolutely loved how that looked! Then I added a few purple flowers to her side, and it was done!
I seriously loved how it turned out. Simple, yet beautiful and whimsical too.
I decided I wanted to make braided breadsticks for the party. Since we were planning to order pizza, I thought they'd be a good side dish, and of course, they were great for the Rapunzel theme, since they looked like her long braided hair.

I just bought a few cans of pizza dough, rolled it out, cut it into strips and braided the dough. I baked them until browning on top and then brushed them with garlic butter (melted butter with garlic salt mixed into it). My kids loved them so much, they ate a ton of them the night before the party, so I had to make more the next day.
I like to stage the table before I get to the venue. That way I know what I'm doing when I get there. I knew the approximate size of the table they were going to have at the gymnastics place, and luckily I had that same size table.
I found a few cute pictures of Rapunzel online that I printed out and framed. This one of Flynn and Rapunzel was so adorable.
I made purple and yellow jello in cups. Jello is always a fun party food, as most kids love it, and it can be cut into fun jiggler shapes. And also, it adds great color.
The other pic I found online of Rapunzel painting the floating lights. So pretty. I bought this wood tray at Walmart.
Then it was time for the party that afternoon. I asked a friend to come help me set up. We got the table set up pretty quickly. I loved how it looked all together.
 I always try to have foods that match the colors of the party, if I can. But I also try to make sure they are food that the kids will actually eat.
 I love this tiered serving tray from Hobby Lobby. It was the perfect statement piece for the cake and the breadsticks.
My sis designed the cute jello toppers. I love them.
Avery was so thrilled to see her cake and the food table when she got there. (My husband brought her, her brothers and some friends to the party a bit after I got there to set up.)
When all the kids got there, they went into the gym to play. They loved jumping into the pit, jumping on trampolines, swinging on ropes, and jumping in a bouncy house.
 After the kids played for an hour, it was time to eat.
This was my favorite pic of Avery from the party.. while we sang to her.
And here's the cake's layers! Aren't they so pretty?
We waited to have Avery open presents when we got home.
It was such a great day with so much love and fun and laughter. We love our Avery bug.
We cannot believe she is already a big 5 year old!!

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