Friday, April 21, 2017

A Trolls Themed Birthday for sweet C.

My niece, Cate, happened to turn 6 years old while she was visiting us in AZ! Her mom and I were thrilled because that meant that we could have the party together! Cate wanted a Trolls themed party, so Jaime went with it. The cake turned out amazing and adorable, right?
How cute are the little toadstools?! Jaime bought them off Etsy a few years ago. She uses them a lot in parties.
The little edible flowers are from Walmart, and the banner she made with pink straws, twine, and cardstock.
Jaime put up these colorful balloons above the food table. I love how they made a big impact for not a lot of money.
I made these rainbow cupcakes. I think they're so cute and perfect for this theme.
Jaime served hot dogs, homemade mac 'n' cheese, salad, and fruit for the meal. If you've never made homemade macaroni and cheese, you must try it, at least once. It is really delicious, and not hard at all. Jaime and I love this recipe. I skip the step about adding an egg, since my kids are allergic to eggs, and I warm my milk in the microwave for a few minutes before adding it to the roux, and then the sauce thickens up super fast. I also don't bake mine in the oven at the end.. just serve it right after I stir in the macaroni.
I found all the colorful fun flowers at Trader Joe's. They have the best florals.
I love blue hydrangeas so much. The cute little purple topped toothpicks are from Michael's. The kids used them to eat their fruit with.
This fruit tray is just the epitome of what a kid party should look and feel like to me. I love it.
I loved these purple flowers!!
Cate's sister, Emmy was so cute sneaking little bites of sprinkles while we took pics.
She even tried to sneak a cupcake! Haha!
The games we played were really fun and quite entertaining. First, the kids did a scavenger hunt. Cate's dad asked the kids trivia questions about the movie Trolls, and when they answered correctly, they were given a clue to find the next question.
I was pretty impressed with how well the kids remembered the movie details. The bigger kid cousins hadn't seen the movie yet, so they weren't able to help the little ones.
After they answered the last question, they found their prizes.. trolls hair headbands. Some complete with sequin details and bows. How hysterical and awesome are they?
Then the kids played pass the parcel. We played the Justin Timberlake song from Trolls as the kids passed the package, and when the music stopped, the person holding it unwrapped a layer of paper. Inside they found a prize of some sort - candy or a small toy. They kept doing that 'til the whole package was unwrapped.
And last, the kids played Trolls Bingo with skittles as markers.
After we ate, Cate opened her gifts.
It's hard to believe she is 6! I remember the day she was born. She is such a sweet, beautiful, funny girl. I'm so happy we were able to be with her on her birthday!
Jaime took off the Trolls toys and put a big 6 candle on the cake before we sang to Cate.
And then it was cake time!!
Here's the layered cake in all its glory. Yum!
And that, my friends, is a wrap! It was a Trolls themed birthday we will all remember. So colorful, so fun, and so delicious.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Easter decor.

I updated my Easter décor with a few things from Target this year.. I bought a new banner. I loved the pink tassels and golden letters. I also bought the turquoise "happy" sign and the pink striped egg.
 I love having this felt board to put up quotes or scriptures for each holiday.
And there you have it.. Easter can officially come our way now. Can't wait. It's one of my very favorite holidays.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Ren's baptism.

Turning 8 is a big deal around here. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and in our faith, when you turn 8, you are old enough to choose to be baptized. I wanted my son's baptism to be simple but still beautiful. I also wanted it to feel somewhat masculine, as he's a boy and wouldn't want it to be overly pretty. Haha. My sister, Jaime, designed the invite for me. I loved how it turned out. I had her use the colors white, green, and brown, to match the background of the photo. And those colors inspired the rest of the baptism's decorations and feel.
I saw a similar print on pinterest like this one, and Jaime changed the font and colors a bit to match the scheme I was going for. (One of Ren's favorite songs is one called "I Am A Child of God", so I thought it'd be nice to print this out and frame it for the table.)
I found these small golden CTR shields online as well and printed them out for favor bag tags. (CTR stands for Choose The Right, which is something we talk about a lot with kids in our faith.)
 I bought these birds at Hobby Lobby. Jaime helped me cut the tail a bit on one, and I put it in the florals on the food table to represent the dove that the Holy Ghost descended as after Jesus was baptized.
I like to gather things together to get a feel for how I want the table to look. Then I refer to that picture when I'm out buying things to make sure what I get is the right feel and color.
The day before the baptism, I went to Trader Joe's for flowers and greenery. I always find great stuff there. And I fell in love with these!!
 I used a few wooden serving trays (both are from Target) for the food and gift bags, as well as a tiered cake stand that I got at Hobby Lobby. The plates are from target, and the golden frame is from Hobby Lobby. Here's the table after it was all set up... I forgot to take the plastic wrap off of the yummy cocoa rice krispy treats my friend Shannyn made before taking the pics! Oh well.
 I used Jaime's recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins. They were so delicious! I put a burlap runner down the center of the table, just to add some texture and to break up all the white.
I loved how sweet the dove looked sitting in the greenery.
I spray painted the R, E, N letters white and tied a bit of twine around the R.
 The favor bags for the kids were filled with some of Ren's favorite things: pretzels, marshmallows, and chocolate chips. (Ren doesn't like chocolate, but I figured the other kids there would enjoy it. I made a chocolate free bag for Ren.)
 I made a Chatbook for Ren that was filled with a bunch of pictures of him and each had a different description to go with it, like, "I am kind", "I am a brother", "I am creative", etc. The last few pages said, "I am a child of God. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I am part of a family who loves me. I am a great many things. I am Ren Andrew Wallace."
I got some metallic markers for everyone to sign the book with, so Ren would remember who came to his baptism.
Before it started, I got some pics of Ren with Jason and with the family. Jason baptized Ren, thus the white jumpsuit.
The whole fam.
It was a beautiful day, and I loved how the decorations and details highlighted it as so. We love our Renner man and are so happy for him!