Monday, January 16, 2017

Valentine's Day decor is up.

 I love Valentine's Day.. I'm one of those girls.. maybe because my husband always spoils me, and maybe because I'm a chocoholic and love fresh flowers? Probably both. So, I found myself in the Target dollar spot last week (I love that I say that like it's a complete accident.. like someone drugged me and dropped me there without my permission. haha.. we all know I go there with full intent of splurging enough that it doesn't really matter that it's $3 or $5... it adds up, I know.) But, back to my story. I was there last week, and I kind of fell in love with a lot of things. But I was somewhat frugal (one of my New Year's resolutions, mind you), and I narrowed down my wants to two things: a tulle banner and a cute striped heart push pin board.
 If you look closely, you'll see that the gold push pins are actually little gold X's and O's. I mean, adorable right? I had a pic of my kids that came with my Christmas card order from Costco that I put up on the board. Perfect!
Here's the whole look... I put up on my letter board a shortened version of the Bible verses about love that are so beautiful.. that remind me of weddings I've been to.. and the rest of the décor is older stuff from years past. I'm loving it all. And I'm perfectly happy to stare at this stuff for a good month before Valentine's Day actually arrives! Here's to a month of love birds, hearts, X's and O's, and ranunculus.

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