Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My kids' Valentines.

I was really last minute this year getting my kids' Valentines ready.. thank heavens for pinterest and my sis!! She designed these ones for my oldest, who is obsessed with all things Star Wars.
I love them so much.
 I found these next ones on Pinterest.. my middle kiddo is all about sports and just didn't want anything too lovey dovey or weird.. haha. So, these fit the bill perfectly.. we added some bubble gum, and voila.
 And my girlie girl loved these that we found in the Target dollar section.. some came with kitty cat erasers, and we bought stickers for some..
Some years I'm more with it when it comes to Valentines.. but I am all about keeping it simple when life is busy and time doesn't permit a lot of creativity. Really, I think the kids enjoy them either way.

And speaking of enjoying the holiday.. my sweet husband gave me this adorable card and flowers.. I'm always begging him for a puppy or kitten, so the card was very fitting..
We also enjoyed a dinner out together that was so delicious.. this chocolate molten lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream and raspberry coulis was amazing.
Loved it. Love him.

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