Sunday, May 28, 2017

End of the Year Teacher Gifts.

I have really appreciated all of my kids' teachers this year. They are all extraordinary and have helped each of my kids to grow so much. I wanted their end of year gifts to be special and unique to them.. My son's teacher is from Hawaii. We thought she'd like some pineapple scented things, as they may remind her of home. Pineapple is somewhat hip right now, so it was easy to find this cute thank you card printable here.
 We gave her pineapple lotion from Bath & Body Works, a pineapple candle from Target, and I had my son fill out this cute questionnaire about his teacher, too. We rolled it up and included it in the gift bag.
My daughter's kindergarten teacher has been amazing. We knew she loved treats, so we made her these pretzel/rolo/m&m treats that look like little apples. I found this adorable apple themed printable tag, and added it to an apple scented candle from Bath & Body Works and a star shaped chalk board from Target's dollar section.
 For my oldest son's teacher, we decided to do a cute little mint colored theme gift. I found this printable tag here.  I put in Life Saver mints, Junior Mints, some mint lotion from Bath & Body Works, and some mint colored nail polish. The mint colored bucket is from Target.
 Here's Cohen's paper he filled out for his teacher. I loved it and hope she did, too.
When my daughter filled out hers, it was so cute, because when she came to the "My teacher always says" part, she said, "My teacher always says to kiss your brains!" And she's right! I've been in her kinder class many times, and I love how whenever the kids answered questions correctly or did great listening, her teacher would say, "Kids, kiss your brains!" And then they'd all take their fingers, kiss them, and then pat their foreheads. So, so cute! My daughter also said that she'd miss giving her teacher gifts the most.. she was always writing little notes and drawing lots of pictures for her her. She'd always seal them in an envelope and deliver them to her first thing in the morning.

I am so so thankful for amazing teachers that work so hard all year to help my kiddos. We've been truly blessed by them this year, and we will really miss them!!  

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